Cake Costing Workbook for Bakers


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The Cake Costing Workbook for Bakers is an all-encompassing class that equips bakers with expert knowledge and practical tools to confidently price their cakes. With simplified charts, hidden cost revelation, and the creation of a professional price list, this workbook is a must-have resource for every baker seeking profitability and professionalism in their cake business.


Unlock the secrets to effective cake costing with the Cake Costing Workbook for Bakers! This comprehensive class is more than just an ebook; it is a detailed cake costing masterclass that addresses all your queries about pricing your delectable creations. Dive into the world of ingredient costing, learn to measure in cups or grams, and simplify your pricing process with easy-to-follow charts that require just copy, paste, and calculation. Uncover hidden costs that significantly impact your total expenses, and gain the confidence to set accurate prices, enabling you to create a detailed price list that positions your business as a serious brand and eliminates the headaches of unnecessary customer bargaining. A must-have resource for every baker seeking to project professionalism and profitability.

What Makes It Unique:

  • Comprehensive Cake Costing Class: Beyond a traditional ebook, this workbook is a complete cake costing class that equips you with practical knowledge and valuable skills in costing your cakes. Whether you’re a novice or experienced baker, this class provides in-depth insights that empower you to take control of your business’s financial aspects.
  • Simplified Costing Charts: The workbook offers easy-to-understand and simplified charts that streamline the process of calculating ingredient costs. With a straightforward copy, paste, and addition method, you can confidently determine the expenses associated with each cake creation.
  • Unveiling Hidden Costs: Discover and understand the hidden costs that often go unnoticed but significantly impact your overall expenses. Armed with this knowledge, you can accurately set prices that not only cover visible expenses but also account for hidden expenditures, ensuring profitability in your business.
  • Creating a Professional Price List: The workbook guides you in designing a detailed price list that projects your business as a serious brand, fostering trust and credibility with your customers. Say goodbye to haggling and unnecessary negotiations, as your transparent pricing builds customer confidence and loyalty.

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